Private, public, hybrid, and on-premises cloud deployments all have their place. Each model offers the potential to save you money, but it’s essential to factor in service fees, security, compliance, data transfer and storage/compute costs as you build a business case for cloud migration.

We assess your workload and processes before offering guidance, whether that’s an on-premises or hosted cloud storage/service platform. And we consider the experience of your staff. The best fit for you needs to be easy to use, and balance uptime and business continuity/data recovery with your budget and personnel. 

Network Connectivity Matters

A well-designed storage area network is integral to the success of any IT environment. In some regions, where solid connectivity isn’t available, moving data and processes off-premises just doesn’t work. That’s true for getting the most from ERP applications as well.

SkyHelm uses NetApp as the primary storage platform. We know the solution inside and out. In the multiple cloud migrations we’ve managed, we’ve found that NetApp offers the control, flexibility and data security most organizations need. The NetApp “data fabric” allows you to control data mobility between the cloud and your internal storage/compute environment.

Some of the cloud deployment models we can help you chose from include:

  • Full Cloud Hosted Environment – We help move your entire environment to a private IaaS hosting platform. This includes hosted app servers, storage and delivery to end users via VDI. For many environments, this has the benefits of being a better financial model, is easier to manage, and enhances end user experience.
  • DRaaS – We sync your data to the cloud and keep it safe. If something happens, we spin up your apps and servers in our data center.
  • Hybrid Cloud/On Premises – We move the applications and services we can off-load to cloud platforms while maintaining an on-premises presence. It all depends on where the application will perform best, at the lowest cost.

Storage Service

  • Building high performance and secure SAN designs
  • Allowing highly scalable SAN infrastructure. From 1 TB to PBs of data.
  • Multi-year, always-on storage
  • Guidance on how and when to move data workloads to a cloud platform

"We're very unique because we aren't allowed to have any down time. We had large IT needs, and we didn't realize that until we started having challenges. We were fortunate enough to have SkyHelm help us assess what our needs actually were. This has been a great investment, and will continue to be so"
-- Tony Tyler, VP of Tyler Media 

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