The role of IT has changed drastically. Yet, IT departments often are risk-averse organizations comfortable with tried-and-true strategies that can’t fully address modern business needs. Enterprises now need a bold strategic vision, making sure that technology and critical processes work together to grow revenue and reduce costs.

For us, the first step in defining your strategic vision is to actually get to know you. We’ve developed an on-boarding process that we use with every new client.

We meet with company leaders and other stakeholders to understand the business and goals. Then, we develop the most simple, cost-effective solution, a comprehensive IT plan that includes everything you possibly could do, and advice on what to prioritize to get to your goals fastest and in budget.

Better Business Through IT Transformation

Rethinking IT means using technology to make every part of your business run better, not driving improvements in one area or another. In engagement after engagement, we’ve proven that with the right blend of technologies, an IT transformation can impact the entire enterprise.


  • Self-Service: Users don’t always have to submit a request to IT and wait for help. Instead, they have tools they need to accomplish some tasks that in the past were on IT’s long list of “tickets.”
  • IT Agility: IT is free to pivot resources as shifting business conditions dictate, and even anticipate what the business will need next.
  • Eliminate “Shadow IT” Activities: Individual groups within the organization are not compelled to implement new process or software without IT’s sanction.
  • Stellar Customer Service: IT has the capability to rapidly solve new issues that arise when processes fail.
Sam Houston Electric

"Through the process of [SkyHelm] asking good questions, we got to a point where we needed to stop what we were doing and spend some time doing a redesign and redeployment... as a result of that we now have a network that hardly ever goes down."

- John Hargrove, Sam Houston Electric Cooperative

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