Security awareness is very high, for good reason. The potential damage to revenue, reputation and individual privacy has compelled enterprises, government agencies and healthcare providers to spend a lot of money protecting data, networks and web sites.

But how much security do you really need? SkyHelm takes a pragmatic approach to security. We assess the actual risk, factor in industry compliance requirements and then design a defense strategy that aligns to your budget, compliance requirements and the level of resiliency you need.

Security Includes Organizational Assurance

Two-factor authentication, firewalls and application protections are essential security measures. The trick is to make sure they don’t get in the way of productivity. We’ve found that simple strategies are often effective, for example spam filters that keep the email noise down or even going off-line temporarily when a threat is detected.

Comprehensive security includes education. Organizational assurance and information protection go hand-in-hand. We offer user security training that shifts your culture and helps get buy-in when security programs are rolled out.


  • Security that protects your organization but doesn’t make it too difficult for people to access data and applications, so they don’t find ways to work around the program.
  • Security and resiliency are improved when the entire organization is aware, educated and confident in the technologies.
  • Budget-conscious solutions based on actual risk, without unnecessary capital or operational expense.
Sam Houston Electric

"Through the process of [SkyHelm] asking good questions, we got to a point where we needed to stop what we were doing and spend some time doing a redesign and redeployment... as a result of that we now have a network that hardly ever goes down."

- John Hargrove, Sam Houston Electric Cooperative

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