Companies often make incremental IT changes, but fail to ensure that each project fits into a master plan and provides the capability to adapt to future needs of the enterprise. It’s not for lack of trying. Budgets and resources dictate where to focus. Disrupting processes for major re-architectures is risky.

Creating Immediate Positive Impact and Agility

SkyHelm Consultants will help you determine the relative urgency of projects as they relate to your critical business functions, and prioritize based on the largest positive impact to business operations. Your Strategic Vision Master Plan is crafted so that applications, networks and data all work together.


  • Continuity: We’ll ensure interoperability of the entire IT infrastructure, including data harmonization.
  • Risk management: Our deep understanding of the solutions we use allows us to identify and resolve potential problems before they cause trouble.
  • Scalability: Our choice for the solutions we use includes vetting for application or service flexibility and provider stability.
  • Agility: Every piece of the IT puzzle will be shaped to ensure that your infrastructure can be adapted as business needs change.

"We're very unique because we aren't allowed to have any down time. We had large IT needs, and we didn't realize that until we started having challenges. We were fortunate enough to have SkyHelm help us assess what our needs actually were. This has been a great investment, and will continue to be so"
-- Tony Tyler, VP of Tyler Media 

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