We Balance Ingenuity with Practicality

When you engage SkyHelm, you’ll be able to draw a line from the technology platform to your business need. We work from a total technology point of view, leveraging our passion for understanding new solutions and platforms and our commitment to flawless project execution.

Our Consulting Services comprise one side of SkyHelm’s balanced equation for comprehensive IT implementations. The other half of the equation? That’s our Infrastructure Management Services. We put those two sides of our business together to help our clients increase productivity, allow IT departments to be more effective every day, and derive long-term value from technology investments.

Strategic Vision

Assessment and migration strategies that position enterprise IT to anticipate business requirements

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IT Architecture

Blueprints that eliminate what’s holding you back now and serve as the foundation for continuous improvement

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IT Security

Protecting the email and integrity of data in motion or at rest in public, private and hybrid cloud deployments

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