Consulting Services

We’ve been in your shoes. We don’t bring theoretical ideas and by-the-book strategies that won’t work in the real world. You can’t simply bolt on a trendy new technology onto a network or data center and hope for the best.

SkyHelm takes a realistic look at the challenges you face and finds creative, no-nonsense ways to address them. SkyHelm’s fresh thinking is why numerous customers now regularly turn to us for:

Consulting Services

Infrastructure Management Services

Your core competency may not be staying on top of emerging technologies. Ours is. SkyHelm engineers are solely focused on IT and enriching their knowledge of the software, hardware and networks involved to migrate email platforms, transition to the cloud or develop IT systems tailored to your business.

That cross-training and focus enables us to execute flawlessly for IT implementations involving:


Using solid core and software-defined platforms from leaders such as Alcatel Lucent, Citrix® and Juniper®, and dynamic SDN platforms such as NetScaler and CloudBridge

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That allows employees to work securely from anywhere, on any device, through solutions such as Citrix or vmware®

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That ensures data integrity and high availability, primarily by utilizing NetApp™

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Cloud Migration

Whether that’s to public, private or hybrid cloud deployments enabling lower cost of operations, business continuity/disaster recovery and improved connectivity to business partners and customers 

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We hear from our clients that they find our engagement to be “different” than other players. We don’t do much talking upfront. We listen, ask questions, and ask even more questions. We think differently and bring new approaches to the table with the goal of finding better, faster and cheaper ways to get things done.

Contact us at 1.888.780.8520, via email at or visit to learn more about how we are Rethinking IT and discuss how we can help you align technology and business.